At ScratchSmarter we re-defined lottery play with unparalleled data analysis. Backed by years of expertise and a proven track record, our service empowers you with the insights needed to make informed decisions about GA Lottery Scratchers. As industry leaders, we meticulously analyze Georgia Lottery Scratchers game data, providing you with a strategic edge for smarter gameplay. Trust in our commitment to transparency, accuracy, and unmatched knowledge. Join the ranks of savvy players who rely on ScratchSmarter: where data meets destiny, and winning becomes a science.

It’s fun to win….and we help you win more!

Georgia Lottery Corporation publishes a limited set of information for each of its Scratchers Games on its main visitor pages.  However, we have found a back door to the GA Lottery’s database which houses the game details for all games at all prize levels.  THIS IS NOT A FALSE STATEMENT – The GA lottery publishes full details of all games on their website, but hides it from the published views that visitors see.  Our scraping code sees this data and pulls it into our database.  This allows our SmartFactor algorithm to work flawlessly and give our subscribers an unfair advantage when deciding which games to play!

It should be noted that Georgia Lottery Corporation typically only publishes the remaining prizes of the top prize category on their visitor pages.  We dig all of the detailed prizes remaining from their non-visitor pages.

Georgia Lottery Corporation has been known to reprint games to replenish depleted tickets. When these events are detected our Best Games to Play report is adjusted accordingly.

ScratchSmarter’s Analysis of Georgia Lottery Scratchers

We have ALL of the Georgia Lottery Scratcher data and analyze EVERY GAME, EVERY DAY to help you win more!

There are 3 ways for you see all of the data we gather from the GA lottery.

First: this tables gives you summary of our active GA Lottery Scratchers database as of today:

Second: Check out all of the pages we’ve created for every Scratchers game in Georgia here:

Now you can see, we’re serious about collecting data, but looking at each game isn’t really helpful, so here’s a third way to see the data we gather:

Check out our free report listing all Georgia Scratch games and how many of the top prizes are remaining.

You can search and sort through games based on Top prizes remaining:

All of that data is good, but it doesn’t tell you the WHOLE Story! The whole reason why ScratchSmarter exists is to add more value than just the data we gather!

Knowing the Top Prizes Remaining isn’t enough…..You need to know how many tickets have been sold!

Think about it – if you see 5 top prizes remaining, but there are 20,000,000 tickets still for sale – is that better than 2 top prizes remaining with only 100,000 tickets still for sale?

If you know the percentage of tickets remaining, you can count cards just like a professional black jack player! And that is exactly what our Best Games to Play reports tell you! We do the hard work…..gathering all of Georgia Lottery game data every day, processing it and sorting the results to tell you exactly how the odds of winning a top prize has changed since the games launched! YES, the odds of winning a TOP PRIZE changes all the time for every game! We do the analysis for these updated odds to give you the edge when picking your games to play! We call it our Smart Factor & it allows us to rank all games from best to worst for the chances of winning a top prize! The higher the Smart Factor the more the odds have changed in your favor for winning a top prize!

Still skeptical?

Check out our FREE Scratch Academy to learn how top prize odds change, how our SmartFactor works and why its so important to stay on top of changing odds!

If you’re ready to see what professional Scratchers analysis looks like….SUBSCRIBE to the Geogia Best Games to Play report below!

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